Always on the Move

Cutting-edge technologies, components produced by worldwide leading manufacturers, special attention to each part, strict quality control — the Next’s significant distinctive features making its operation failure-free.


A Path to Success

A path to success and welfare has become shorter: the new Next will deliver its owner to the target within a shortest time. Low purchase and maintenance cost, short payback period, high depreciation value are just a few Next’s benefits.


Professional Business Tool

A wide choice of configurations makes it possible to adapt vehicle to any business. Each configuration can be fitted with either 3- or 7-seat cabs and 2 platform types. Over 100 various special superstructures can be installed on the Next universal base chassis, which makes its capabilities almost unlimited. With Next’s high performance and long service life, commercial hauling companies will never doubt their choice.


Once you’ve got in, you’ll never want to get out. That’s the way a driver needs to feel inside a vehicle he is working in, not just driving. And that’s the way everybody feels, who has ever got in the new Next. From the cab to audio system – we have looked into every detail to provide great driving experience.


Road is unpredictable. And everybody challenging it has to be ready to go through a severe test. With the new Next, there is no need to be afraid of any surprises on the road. Its advanced safety system makes the Next a reliable vehicle protecting drivers from many hazards of the road*. The Next active safety system improved by 8-10% (compared to the European brands) will help you bring critical situations under control.